Have you ever found a workout routine which really works for you and helps you shift the pounds, only to have it lose its impact a few weeks later? Well we’re here to tell you why that happens and what you can do about it.

Essentially, your body is just too good. It’s true! We’re not just flattering you here. You’ve discovered a routine you love and it is doing wonders for your body. Sticking with it feels like the right thing to do. But each time you complete the same routine your body is getting better at it. That means the number of calories burnt in that particular exercise is dramatically reduced. Whether you're tackling the exact same cardio routine, following the same yoga YouTube video each time or taking the same route on your 30 minute run.

Change your work out

It’s pretty obvious really. Remember when you first started your job? Each day left you exhausted and you took ages to figure out what you were actually meant to be doing. And now? You know what you’re doing, you are hell of a lot quicker at it and you don’t feel nearly as drained at the end of the day. And just like in your professional life, when it comes to working out, you often don't realise how far you have come since day one. The way we see it, your workout is a new job for your body, and it’s about time it got a promotion.

Regularly changing your workout routine will provide new challenges for your body and this will help ensure that you keep on burning those calories. When your body repeatedly takes on the same routine you will become more efficient and the number of calories calorie burnt will plateau. If you're exercising for weight loss this is particularly annoying as you won't continue to get the same belt tightening results.

We recommend that you refresh your routine every 4-6 weeks. This is long enough to see the benefits, but not long enough for your routine to become ineffective. Plus it will give you a chance to challenge different parts of your body. It’s great to include a range of muscle groups in any training session and you should think about the muscles you’re working on within your chosen routine.

If you’ve neglected your quads with your latest regime, why not make a point of including them next time? Or why not switch your clubercise class for boxfit for a few weeks? Or take on a different type of weight? There are so many simple ways to switch things up!

Changing your routine can really help keep the calories burning. And as you develop more muscle, you will be increasing your body’s ability to burn calories. A pound of fat will burn 2 calories in a day, whereas a pound of muscle will burn 6. So get as many muscle groups involved as you can!

Grab your weights!

Fitness trackers and apps, online tutorial videos and blogs like this one are all great sources of inspiration for workouts and fitness motivation. There is no excuse to let your routine get boring or for it to stop working. We know how good you are, so keep track of your progress and recognise when you need a new challenge.

Do you have any tips to share for keeping workouts fresh, fun and, perhaps most importantly, effective? Let us know in the comments section below!