Many women think that wearing any old bra whilst working out will do, but that is where a lot of us go wrong. Choosing a sports bra is about more than picking the most fashionable option, and you should avoid investing in something which will be nothing more than a sweat rag. So do your research, whether you have big breasts or small breasts, and be sure that you choose a sports bra that works for you.

Avoid Body Acne

Body acne can make you seriously question whether your sweaty work out was really worth it. So don’t let it happen so easily! Showering straight after an intense workout is a key way to reduce acne, but did you know that your bra can make a big difference too? Basic athletic bras can cause a blockage of pores, whereas a more high tech bra will let your skin breathe. This is thanks to ventilation mesh panels and moisture wicking fabric. This design helps to move sweat away from the skin rather than letting your pores absorb it and become clogged. It really pays off to check the fabrics used in your sports bra before investing.

Prevent Breast Injuries

Some think it sounds bizarre, but breast injuries are a real thing and they mostly caused by wearing a poorly constructed sports bra. If you don’t have the right support, then your breasts will move more during your work out session and this can result in tissue damage. The more you move the more your breasts will move, and they will go in any direction they want to! The tissue damage caused by excessive movement can be painful, and it can also lead to stretch marks and sagging.
Another common misconception is that it is only women with large breasts who need to worry about this. This is not the case! Breast injuries and tissue damage simply do not discriminate against size and all women should look to choose a sports bra which will effectively reduce breast movement during exercise.

Get Support in the Right Places

There’s no point getting a sports bra if it isn’t going to offer you the right support. As well as the potential for breast tissue damage outlined above, using a basic sports bra or going without a bra can lead to back pain too. It’s extremely important to find an athletic bra which fits correctly and gives you support you need. That tight neon band around your body is cute, but it may not be doing you any good.
Finding a bra with some sort of cup is advisable. This provides more support than a one-piece design that would simply covers your breasts with stretchy fabric. The cups don’t need to be padded, go for whatever you prefer, but they should be fitted correctly with no sagging, dragging or drooping allowed.

Another tip, which is particularly important for women with large breasts, is to opt for a racer back design. This rebalances the weight distribution and can help reduce back pain. As an added bonus, a racerback bra will remove the irritation of having your bra strap fall down during your work out.

These are just a few of the points which show how important it is to choose a supportive and well constructed sports bra. Do you have a favourite brand or style when it comes to sports bras? Share your thoughts and advice below!