Not everyone likes the gym selfie. Some people cringe at others taking a quick snap, never mind the thought of taking one themselves. But for others, it can be real source of motivation. Taking photos is also a great way to track fitness progress and bodily changes. You don't have to take these shots at the gym, but if you do want to start collecting photographic evidence of your progress we have some really useful advice

Don’t Cover Up

There is no point covering up all that hard work with a baggy t-shirt and sweat pants. A sports bra or crop top and a pair of shorts will help you capture your progress, whether you're aiming for weight loss or muscle tone.

Gym Selfies

Keep Consistent

When you can, try and take your photos in the same place every time, and preferably in the same outfit too. This makes it so much easier to spot the changes that you’re working so hard towards.

Let Go!

Typical hand held selfies are not ideal for capturing the whole body. They're more Facebook than fitness if you ask us! Typically, they are taken at odd angles which could disguise your progress. So let go of your camera! Find a stable surface where you can prop your phone or camera, and use the timer function.

Come Out Of The Shadows

Don’t spend ages trying to find some really flattering lighting. What you need is bright, clearly focused photos which will show you the truth. Otherwise, what is the point in tracking your progress? Another top tip is to avoid having the main source of light directly behind you.


Don’t worry about flexing and posing for your shots. And don’t even think about sucking in your stomach! Take a relaxed pose and enjoy seeing the progression you are making.

See It From A Different Angle

If you only take photos from the front, you won’t see the whole story. Taking shots of the front, back and each side will help you get a real idea of what changes are happening. If you are focusing on a particular body part or muscle you could take some close ups too.

Set a Reminder

Taking photos weekly is a good idea, and setting a reminder on your phone will help you keep to this and get into a routine of having a regular progress check. Changes are unlikely to be visible in a week, but stick with it! It is really rewarding when you start to spot the changes.

Check Out Others

Lots of people post their progress pics or gym selfies online. We’re not saying you have to as well, but why not have a look around and see what motivation and inspirational photos you can find?

Perfect your technique

Get Creative

Once you’ve got your basic shots, why not take a few more? You may as well have some fun with it. Play around with some more stylized shots, normal hand held selfies or shooting some specific body parts.
If you want to track your skill progression, why not take some exercise shots? For example, you could regularly take a photo of yourself in a yoga pose you found difficult in your first session. Shots like this can help you check up on your technique and see your improving skill level.

Let us know what you think of the gym selfie and whether you'll be tracking your fitness progression with photos from now on! We think it's a really great method of seeing how far you've come. Looking back at the hard work you've done is both rewarding and a fantastic dose of motivation to carry on.